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We help people throughout Spain everyday

With over 25 years’ experience organising pre-paid funerals, Avalon is the market leading provider of funeral plans in Spain and The Canaries. Rising funeral costs, the language barrier and the intricacies of the Spanish funeral system can make it difficult for your loved ones to make funeral arrangements. With escalating funeral costs and the significant differences that exist between a funeral in Spain, compared to the UK, using the services of Avalon to organise your funeral is a sensible decision. Most funerals in Spain take place within 48 hours and have to be paid for in advance. This causes many significant issues for those who live or spend time in Spain.

Ensure you have the protection of a funeral plan

Costs are fixed at today’s price

Individual plans to suit each client.

Immediate cover regardless of health or age.

Guaranteed to cover the costs of the funeral.

24 hour bereavement line with British operators based in Europe.

Ongoing support to help and advise family members and loved ones.

Flexible payment plans available in Sterling & Euros

Contact Europe Office

Or Call: +34 966 799 070


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